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Our puppies are born in our home and live under our roof until they get to their new homes. The first few weeks of life are crucial for small pups and they are always under our watchful eyes in their whelping box.

Miniature Schnauzer Homes Offers Quality AKC Champion Bred Black Miniature Schnauzer Puppies With A Lifetime Health Guarantee.

A Little About Us...

We Create Beautiful And Brighter Smiles

We are an in home breeder, and have owned since 97′ and have been breeding since 08′. I am a ‘stay at home’. My dogs receive love and attention around the clock, as do my puppies. My husband is gracious enough to go out into the world and work hard so that I can stay home and continue a deep rooted PASSION. We do not kennel our dogs ( I think if I ever attempted it even for short periods during the day, they would think it was the end of the world!! LOL!), or leave them outside for long periods of time, we pride ourselves at the fact that all of our dogs see us on a daily basis. They beg for ‘human food’, they trip me, they may even drive me bonkers, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you think we’re crazy for having all of our kids live indoors, then I guess we are. But it’s how it should be, and how it will ALWAYS BE!!

Our dogs are fed FROMM which is a fantastic food that is wheat, corn and soy free. Our dogs are given fresh fruits and veggies daily. They love the summer time when Watermelon is in season! They also enjoy, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, blackberries, bananas, spinach, carrots and all sorts of melons! And YES they love it!! We do not give our dogs ‘treats’ off of the shelves.

Health Assurance

We embark to ensure that all our puppies are healthy and strong by having them vet-checked regularly, registered and are housebroken. We also strive to create an environment where customer’s satisfaction matters most

Affordable Prices

We strive to beat the big box prices by bringing to you our puppy at the most affordable prices you can find. We endeavor to make our puppies available to all class of individuals and homes. We don’t let price come between Pet lovers and puppies.

Fast delivery

We will get your puppy hooked up with a top notch pet courier for delivery. You can receive your puppy same day, next day or in 72 hours depending on your location. Express delivery negotiation is available as well.